Thursday, June 2, 2011

5 years (a little late)

Wow, we've been married 5 years this past May 21. Sorry for it taking so long to post this, it's been busy at the Tillitson house hold. so lets do this update.

Last summer was like a normal summer for us (for the most part) I went to Leadership Training Camp with Texas Baptist Men, and Lauren spent time with her mom while I was gone. We enjoyed working Vacation Bible School as always. There wasn't that much new this past summer.

School had some new changes coming along. We both had new administrators at our schools. This brought frustrations that the change would cause, but also new opportunities came from this.

September was a rough month for us. As my last post (tells you how long it has been since I've posted anything) we got pregnant, but then lost the baby. This was not an easy time, but we thank God for being there, and for putting our friends and family into our lives to help us through this.

In November I was ordained as a deacon, and have been blessed many times to serve people because of it.

As the new year began new opportunities arose. Lauren was offered a position at my school teaching Middle School and High School Art, which is really exciting for both of us. Not only will this mean we are working together and it will cut our gas bill in half, but she was told by my administration that they want her to develop a successful art program. I've also been asked to develop a successful graphics program so this next school year will be the start of these awesome opportunities. Right before Spring Break, I was asked to help take over Year Book sponsorship, which I have enjoyed, but it came with stresses of its own. This is something I'll be continuing into next year.

On May 21, Lauren and I celebrated 5 wonderful years of being married. God has blessed me with the most wonderful wife in existence. I look forward to many more years with her.

Now as we begin this summer, both Lauren and I have been hired but our Charter School Organization to write curriculum for our respective subjects.

Síochána a bheith agat le,
Tillotson Clan