Saturday, March 21, 2009

Comming to the end of Vacation

So as we come to the end of our vacation i've realized something. Do to all of the energy that I used to use teaching, I don't have an outlet that allows me to release this much energy. Lauren says you get use to it, so hopefully i will. But here i am at 10:30, she's asleep and i'm wide awake. urg!!! I need to get back to teaching, thankfully that starts on Monday.

So while we've been gone, Tommy calls me and tells me that Iris is able to run, so that her chain becomes unlatched and then she goes into the neighbors yard. I'm so ready to get that fence fixed. So tommy, had to rap her chain aroung the loop of her coller a couple of times and then latch it, thankfully that has worked... so far.

Any way, we will be making our 5 hour drive home tomorrow, and then finishing preparing for school for next week. We hope you have had a blessed week this past week, and we ask that you pray for safe travels in general, because tomorrow ends spring break for the majority of people.

Until next time,
Tiilitson Clan

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Beginning

Ok, so after tommy and crystal started up a blog it got me thinking that a gfamily blog is a great idea. so lauren and i started up the tillitson clan (the family name before coming to america and changing the name to thompson). Right now we are in Kerville relaxing. next week we start the last quarter of the school. after the school year is over we are going to fix our rotten fence, so that we can take Cael and Iris off of their chains. For those that don't know, Cael is our half lab half something else (possibly a pit, but it is not confirmed) and Iris is ou Puggle (half pug, half beagle). But we are going to keep you updated on life. Until next time.