Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas & Fireworks

So we took the ZZs to see Santa, a Christmas tree lighting and fireworks in Mansfield.

First we saw Santa at his Mansfield cabin. Both of the ZZs gave Santa fives. The boys smiled big for this (I had to hold Zad for the photo.) After this the boys had their photo taken with mommy on the giant presents.

We then got our selves a hot dog and a sausage and walked around the park. This included listening to people sing, watching people go down an ice slide, and an animal farm. With the people singing we clapped our hands with excitement. Zad & Zeke thought it was so cool to watch people race down the ice slide in inner tubes. We then went to the animal farm, where we saw reign deer; pet a llama, a pig, a pony, bunnies, and chickens. Then we got to brush a goat.

It was than time for the tree lighting. Before it started we hung out with the Green family, with whom we had worked with at Hampton Prep(Lauren & Jeremy still work together there) The boys stared at the tree in awe. This was followed by the firework show. At first the loved it... Until the flame machines shot fire in the air. This scared them. Then they looked away. Zad kept peeking back at the pretty colors and would lay his head on mommy's shoulder and watch. Zeke almost curled into a ball in my arms and only peeked once, which was when the flame machines fired off once again. He was done after that. We watched the remainder of the fireworks, where we were close enough for the paper from the fireworks to rain down on us. The finally included what looked like the flame machines blowing up setting the grass on fire, but thankfully the fire department was ready. It was AWESOME!!! Overall we all had fun, and I look forward to Zad And Zeke to be a little older so they can stand in line for the ice slide and so they can wAit in line to build a snow man from the shaved ice. Events like this is one of the many reasons we love living in Mansfield.

Dia, Teaghlaigh, Seirbhís
Tillitson Clan

Location:Mansfield, TX

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It Has Been Too Long

Hello followers of the Tilitson Clan, we thought we'd give some updates of our little family.

The little super heroes Zad & Zeke are continuing to grow and develop now at over 2 1/2 years old. Zeke can read his letters and numbers up to 20 and has a very set personality (way to much like his daddy.) Zad's spatial visual skills are an exciting thing to watch as he is grasping an understanding of how things work by watching them, and he has an imagination that is always entertaining. Both are so much fun creating both chaos and order, and also working on potty training.

Shaun has been through a lot. He finished grad school and changed schools to work at, as he is now a school counselor. He also tore his peroneal tendon in his ankle and had to have surgery. Well a month later he developed staph infection in oh ankle and had to have 2 more surgeries. He is currently on IV antibiotics till the beginning of November every night.

Lauren has been a trooper. She has dealt with her husband going to grad school, changing jobs, having surgery (3 times), and recuperating. Her boys trying to go through potty training and developing their own personalities. All the while her father, Mark is going through cancer treatment again, but this time instead of his face it is in his lungs.

We are tired, but we know God is carrying is through. Continue to pray for us, and we look forward to what God has for us.

Dia, Teaghlaigh, Seirbhís
Tillitson Clan

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Today's Program is Brought to You by the Letter Z & the Number 2

Two years... Wow!!! It seems like yesterday I was rushing Lauren to the hospital for the miracle known as Zad & Zeke. This past year they have grown so much, and accomplished so much. They are walking and talking, and are doing everything a two year old should do; which is the goal for any preemie. It has been such a joy to hear them communicate what they want; to hear them say "thank you" and "I sorry"; Zeke recognizing letters; Zad using forks and spoons to eat with; each using crayons; starting to identify different super heroes (a special proud moment for me); using the potty; and doing what they can to comfort one another when they are upset. They are our little super heroes, and we couldn't be happier with them.

Out prayers for this upcoming year is for them to grow strong, be smart, and practice Christ like love. Go Super ZZ Bros!

Dia, Teaghlaigh, Seirbhís
Tillitson Clan