Tuesday, May 29, 2012

6 years and still going

Wow, I guess with all the fun we've been having with the boys, I forgot to do the anniversaryy blog. Never done it on time any way. Ok so let's look back at the last year.

Last summer had its up and downs. Both Lauren and I were asked to help write curriculum for our perspective subjects, that was a lot of work, but we were well compensated.

On fathers day we found out we were pregnant, we were so excited, but it was not to be. A week later we found out we had a miscarriage. This was the 2nd time we lost a child, we were starting to lose hope. Well, a week after that we went to go try fertility treatment one more time. After a few weeks of waiting we found out we were pregnant with our 2 wonderful little boys. What a great way to end our summer.

We started off the school year well. We were at the same school for the first time, and we had just recently got some great news. (read paragraph above) I did notice how protective I am of my wife, especially when she is pregnant, and being a teacher is very stressful.

December came around and there were some issues that gave us a little scare. The boys were in a hurry to come out, but we were only at 5 months. Well, the Monday starting Christmas break, the doctor said Lauren needs to go on bed rest immediately, it's no longer about if the boys will come early, but how early, so let's slow it down as much as possible. Well on January 1st (12 weeks and 6 days early) the boys decided to come into the world. Our two beautiful boys were now visible without a sonogram.

Thankfully our director allowed Lauren to take the rest of the school year off. With the boys being born so early, they were rushed to Cook's Children where they spent the next few weeks. Eventually Zad came home. Thanks to mothers and friends, Lauren was able to be at the hospital with Zeke for the next 2 1/2 weeks, when he got to come home too.

I would spend 2 weeks at home with the boys (which was awesome) and then had to go back to work. For the remainder of the school year I would got to work while Lauren stayed home with the boys.

As we celebrate 6 years together as husband and wife, this past year has had a lot more ups than downs, but as usual, it's still a roller coaster of a life. Gotta love it though, makes appreciating those ups so much greater, and it's awesome to see how God is going to get you through the downs.

Well now we get ready for the next year. 8 weeks until Lauren and I go back to work. I've gotta a couple of projects to work on around the house and lots of play time with the ZZs. And we even have our nanny lined up for when we go back to work.

God is Awezomesauce, and has given me an awesome family.

Dia, Teaghlaigh, Seirbhís
Tillitson Clan