Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer, Where Have You Gone?

Well, apparently we only have one week left of our summer.

We started by going to Mississippi and visiting Lauren's family. Had such a great time of relaxing and eating... and eating... and eating.

Lauren and I began writing curriculum for our individual subjects for Uplift Education, which thanks to the stipends we were able to pay off 3 credit cards. (haven't gotten all of the stipends yet, they pay out over three months, so the cards should be paid off by the end of August) This was an experience for both of us, and something we enjoyed.

We have also gotten stuff done around the housed. New light fixtures and ceiling fans installed all throughout the house. The changing the front yard into a zero lawn by adding flower beds is closely becoming a reality. Lauren has also enjoyed making pickles and relish. It is nice to get things accomplished.

And then there are times when you just need a get away, so we headed out to Durant, Oklahoma and had a fun weekend at Choctaw thinking and worrying about nothing.

Now I realize that we only have a week left for our summer. After next week we go back to work. Lauren will be going to teacher training, and I will be getting out of that because I am taking some students to a year book workshop. Following that we have Student Leadership Academy (a culture camp for out students), then we will get one more week off befor we start up again the 2nd week of August.

All in all it has been a great summer. It has had its up and downs, but for the most part it has been great.

Síochána a bheith agat le,
Tillotson Clan