Monday, April 26, 2010


Why does it seem like things just aren't made to work out. It is not all the time, but when it happens, it is not just one thing, it is EVERYTHING. We get our hopes up and then they come crashing down. Sometimes I would love to let things coast by, but doing so goes against who I am (I know some of you might find that hard to believe.)

It is that time of year again, where all teachers in the state of Texas are just tired. TAKS season. I'm not bashing the TAKS, I agree with an accountability system, but it is just a stressful time of the year. There are some other issues that I'm not going to go into at this time as well. But last night, to top it all off, Tomar our Min-Pin mix got out.
1. I worked way to hard replacing my fence last summer for this to happen.
2. This weekend, I thought i blocked off his exits. (he started climbing the fence that separated the garden from the rest of the yard, and then on that side, we found a HUGE hole under the fence)
3. Due to not knowing when he got out yesterday, plus we got home after 9:30 and he is a black dog, makes it hard to find him.
4. But what bothers me the most I think in all of this, is that if we don't get him back, that would be 3 dogs that we have lost in 1 1/2 years.
-Darrel died 12/08
-We had to put Iris down 11/09
-and now Tomar is gone

I hope and pray that someone has found him and will call the vet today (number on his rabies tag) and we will get him back.

Síochána a bheith agat le,
Tillitson Clan

P.S.: And for those who might be thinking Lauren and I are having marital problems due to the things I will not talk about at this time, do not worry, that is not an issue.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

In Honor of Easter

Yesterday I found a piece of paper under my windshield at Sam's that had the title "My Testimony" and in honor of the anniversary of the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I thought that I would post it.

"My Testimony"
Twenty-nine years ago the Lord saved me at a motel in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was about 8:00 in the morning. I was about to drink some wine and work some.
I was not happy that morning and very despondent. I know now that God worked it out that way.
I was sitting at a table in the motel room about to go to work. I turned on the radio looking for some music, but I found someone talking about God. He said, If you will ask the Lord to please forgive your sins, He will save you and give you a new life, and then thank Him.
Well, I thought about it just about a minute. I did not trust, but I went to the bed and knelt down, and said, Lord, if you are real like this man said, please forgive my sins and save me and give me a new life. Then I thanked him.
I didn't know what being saved was, but I immediately lost my despondency and I felt peaceful and full of joy. I asked the Lord, If I'm really saved, help me to not sin.
So friend, if you feel the Lord speaking to you and you would like to be saved and have a new life, get off by yourself and pray. Ask the Lord to forgive your sins and save you. If you mean business with God, He will save you.
-Inspired by God

I read this and began thinking of when I was truly saved. I was great at being a two-face. When around people I could appear as this perfect innocent person, but on my own I did A LOT that I'm not proud of. This can be a stressful way to live, because it requires a great deal of lies to keep the two separate. But, no one can keep that up for ever and the two sides eventually met. It caused someone to get hurt, and at that moment I heard God say "Shaun, stop being dumb! This is not the plan that I have for you, you will change" and at that moment I felt different, a release from the "two-face" life. I now have a relationship with my savior, and God has showed me how to use that time of my life as a way to help share Him with others.

By reading this first I have a question, Do you have that relationship with Him, that He desires? And second if so, take this time to reflect on your testimony, and the blessings that God has given you.

Síochána a bheith agat le,
Tillitson Clan