Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Using Social Media as a Follower of Christ

 So for about half a year I have been praying and reflecting on social media. I have a friend who was talking about a topic that had become very heated, and asked a great question: "Does this topic you are fighting for help hurt your testimony?" At that point something in me clicked. God had used this question to get me thinking about how I use social media. 
 I had already cut back a lot of my political posts, but after this question I started thinking about how those posts affect those that need to hear the Gospel? Someone who disagrees with my political post might shut down when I try spreading the message of Christ. And yes I understand that some people will not like that statement and may call it cowardly, but what is more important? If someone is conservative or liberal politically, or if they are saved through Jesus Christ? So I stopped with the political posts, and sometimes I make a comment on someone else's post (usually a former student just trying to get them to see both points of view as valid arguments.)
 Then God showed me a way to use social media. Many people will post scripture, and that's great, but many non-believers don't know how that scripture applies to their current lives and so they will dismiss it. So God had me start sharing my sermon notes. Through this there may be those that are non-believers, or believers who don't attend a worship service for what ever reason to not only receive the Message, but to hear how it applies to our current lives because let's face it, the Bible IS applicable in today's society. 
 Now I'm not saying this the only positive thing you can do with social media. I also post stuff about my wife, boys, family, and friends, but I also have a lot of family and friends I don't see often and this gives them a way to still be connected in my life if they want to be. I also post nerdy stuff, and I mean a lot of nerdy stuff (to a point where another loves to make fun of it, and then we both laugh about it.) But these posts also help me connect with other nerdy people, so of which may not know the Gospel and now there is an open door to hear it through. 
 To my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, I challenge to pray and reflect on do your posts help or hurt your testimony?

Friday, January 1, 2016

What do you mean the 2 Zs are 4?!?!?!

So the little miracles know as Zad & Zeke are now 4!!! When did this happen? The past year has been a year of many growths for the ZZs. 

Potty training is probably the biggest. Where as we were struggling a lot at the beginning of the year, Zad & Zeke are now diaper free and not only go to the potty, but go without even having to tell us (although this can be scary in a restaurant.)

In the winter we started learning how much we like rides, with our first one being a carousel, and later would go to Six Flags for the first time.
We got to play in REAL snow for the first time.
Zeke started asking for it to snow everyday after that. The ZZs had their first experience at a gymnastics gym (I think they had some fun.)
Zad & Zeke also started picking out their own donuts at the donut shop. 

The spring was a time to learn about kites. This became a big deal for the ZZs.
For the first time at March of Dimes, the ZZs walked the entire thing without a stroller.
 Finally the ZZs experienced their first Free Comic Book Day! 

The summer involved a great deal of seeing family and playing with mommy & daddy. The ZZs even started swimming (with floaties) without mom or dad helping. They also got to go bowling for the first time.
 As mentioned earlier Zeke & Zad got to enjoy their first time at Six Flags and they loved it. 

As fall came around we enjoyed going to Hardin-Simmons University for the first time for homecoming,
 Trunk or Treat,
a few days at Lake Travis,
and enjoyed our Thanksgiving in Mineola. 

As we start winter up, we enjoyed our 4 Christmases & two weeks with mom & dad. 

Dia, Teaghlaigh, Seirbhís
Tillitson Clan