Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank You Lord, For Allowing Us To Build A Fence

So we rebuilt the fence this week, we started on Sunday evening and finished it today.

On Sunday we began taking down some of the panels, and a few of the posts. Joe was there to help us that evening, and he ended up having a post break and in response it busted joe's head open. (we did avenge his head 2 days later).

On Monday, David Reed came and mowed our lawn (we had had problems with my mower and Joe came and halep0ed out some more. We also set the post on one side of my yard.

On Tuesday we got another blessing, we had all of this old fence and couldn't hall it all easily. Well some guys came up and asked if they could have some of the old panels and we said sure. We also set the post on the street side of my yard. Jerry and Cory also came over and helped us put up the panels on the first side of my yard. Then we dug new holes for the gate side, and set the posts.

On Wednesday we continued to put up panels, and more people came and took the old panels. We also continued to put up panels on the street side. That evening we put up the gate side panels.

On Thursday, we halled off what was left of the fence (most of it was already taken) and put up the gate. We did run into some problems with the gate, but it is nothing we really need to worry about.

I do want to thank some people for this. God, none of it could have been possible with out you. Mark, my father-in-law, whom probably worked harder on this fence than anyone. Joe, we couldn't have done it with out your tools, and i enjoyed the extra help you gave us. Jerry and Cory, you sped up the work load a great deal. And finally my wife Lauren, You helped where ever we needed you and made sure we didn't dehydrate, I love you so much.

Until Next Time,
Tillitson Clan

P.S.: We do still have a few things to do now that the fence is built, so if you want to help we would greatly appreciate it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Leadership Training Camp

I don't want to get to into this here, if you want to know what all happened just ask me i'll let you know.

So I went to LTC this year, and it was a blast. I met a lot of great guys and had a lot of fun. Like I said, i'm going to keep this sweet and simple... God used LTC to do something that i've needed for a long time. He used it to humble me, to a point that I have never been before. It reminded me of things that I knew I should have been doing but had stopped. Through all of this, I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ.

I thought i'd leave you with a picture I took while at camp yesterday.

Until Next Time,
Tillitson Clan

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Update From September

For those that do not know, back at the end of August, Lauren's uncle was shot and killed. (if you go to my facebook notes, you'll find the story) Well, we found out today, that this past Monday the guy who shot him was sentenced to life in prison. Please pray for Lauren and her family as they deal with this new information.

Until Next Time,
Tillitson Clan