Saturday, September 1, 2012

2/3 of a Year

Today is September 1st which means the boys are 8 months old.

BatZad has gotten 2 teeth, both very sharp and is rolling over and laughing all over the place. He is eating 3 baby food meals a day and trying his hardest at holding his own bottle

SuperZeke is rolling his way around and is full of laughs. He is starting to figure out how to crawl, he just needs to figure out that he has to plant his limbs on the ground to propel himself. he is enjoying his 3 baby food meals a day also.

Both boy are sleeping anywhere from 10-14 hours a night and have just been awesome little superheroes.

Daddy has become insane and has started Grad School for School Counseling.

Mommy has been adjusting to working for the first time since the boys have been born. Thankfully our awesome nanny Marquita has made life a little easier.

Dia, Teaghlaigh, Seirbhís
Tillitson Clan