Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Today's Program is Brought to You by the Letter Z & the Number 2

Two years... Wow!!! It seems like yesterday I was rushing Lauren to the hospital for the miracle known as Zad & Zeke. This past year they have grown so much, and accomplished so much. They are walking and talking, and are doing everything a two year old should do; which is the goal for any preemie. It has been such a joy to hear them communicate what they want; to hear them say "thank you" and "I sorry"; Zeke recognizing letters; Zad using forks and spoons to eat with; each using crayons; starting to identify different super heroes (a special proud moment for me); using the potty; and doing what they can to comfort one another when they are upset. They are our little super heroes, and we couldn't be happier with them.

Out prayers for this upcoming year is for them to grow strong, be smart, and practice Christ like love. Go Super ZZ Bros!

Dia, Teaghlaigh, Seirbhís
Tillitson Clan

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