Thursday, January 1, 2015

3 Means Go, Go, Go!!!

3 years old, wow does the time go by. A year ago the common phrases were "thank you" & "I sorry" and now I've lost count of all the words that the Super ZZs use now.

Zad has grown so much. He has developed an engineering brain. Whether it is constructing a train track or building a tower, he is destined for well constructed things. Music has also been a thing for him. He will sing you every note on key to John Williams' Superman, 1966 Batman theme, Spider-Man theme, and Frozen's Let It Go. His imagination is always growing. He not only has his toys talking to one another, they have full blown conversations. It excites us to see where he is going.

Zeke has grown a great deal as well. He is an exquisite linguistic. Identifying all letters lower case & capital and singing his ABC's to perfection. He counts up to 25 and is starting to make connections to math. Zeke has become a friend to all, and I do mean to ALL. He is very excited when he gets to see friends and family. His love for people warms our hearts.

As we start year four it excites us to see what is next in their growth. Their love for each other as brothers is such a wonderful thing to see as they have gone from noticing one another to interacting with one another, hugging each other, and playing games with each other. They have something so special, it's a pleasure to watch it grow.

Now that their 3rd birthday is coming to an end, they have worn themselves out with their family & friends today.

Dia, Teaghlaigh, Seirbhís
Tillitson Clan

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